Battle of the drugstore powders

Hey guys! Today’s
blog post is a comparison between two powders – the Rimmel Stay Matte and the Bourjois Healthy Balance.
The Rimmel Stay
Matte is £3.99 and the Bourjois Healthy Balance powder is a whopping £5 more at
£8.99. Although I didn’t buy the Bourjois Healthy Balance powder at that price (there
was a 3 for two on or buy one get one half off) I would definitely say it is
worth the extra money.
Let’s talk about the packaging of both products.

As you can see from these photos the Bourjois Healthy Balance looks sleeker and is slightly smaller than the Rimmel Stay Matte. A major down side to the Rimmel Stay Matte is that it doesn’t have a mirror for on the go but if you don’t need to touch powder up in the day this won’t be an issue.  When you close the Bourjois Healthy Balance you feel it shut in place and hear a slight noise that tells you it has shut, I like this. The Rimmel Stay Matte makes a slight noise as it shuts, but it is much fainter. They both shut nicely but in a makeup bag I would worry that the Rimmel Stay Matte lid might come off.

Both of these products are in two different languages which is good if you can’t read English. They both have an ingredients list which is another great factor as some
products don’t have this. 
Both shade ranges are good there are some  very light colours,  I am not too sure what the dark shades are like as I am very pale so I didn’t really pay attention to the darker shades when buying these products.
The Rimmel Stay Matte is quite a chalky powder so I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t like chalky powders.  On my skin (it’s quite oily) the powder goes shiny after about two or three hours so if your skin is very oily I wouldn’t recommend it.  It doesn’t
cake on the skin which is nice as I had the ‘mua’ powder which did cake on my
skin. If you are just starting out with powders and on a budget I would recommend
the Rimmel product. Please be very careful with this powder – I have now had
two of them and both have smashed, the first time it smashed in my makeup
collection but the second time I was swatching it.  I still have both of them so if any of you know how to fix broken powders please tell me in the comments.    
The Bourjois Healthy Balance is quite a creamy powder compared to the Rimmel Stay Matte. It’s not cakey on the skin and it lasts on my skin for around three to four hours. I
would definitely buy this powder again as prefer it to the Rimmel powder. For good value  I will buy it when it is on sale or on the internet for a bit less although that might be dodgy as it might smash in the post.
As you can probably tell I like the Bourjois Healthy Balance most because I personally find the packaging and the consistency better, although the Rimmel Stay Matte is
raved about a lot more by other beauty gurus.
If you have tried these two products tell me in the comments what you think of them.
Love becca xx



28.3.15 makeup and bedroom decor haul

Hey guys,

so the past week i have been doing a little bit of shopping so decided to share with you what i have been picking up.

28.3.15 all products

These are all the things i have picked up in the past week.

makeup 28.3.15

Makeup i have bought

  1. MUA spring break palette – £4
  2. MUA  pro base prime and conceal (green) – £2
  3. Rimmel lasting finish concealer – £5.49
  4. Rimmel 1000 kisses 004 Indian pink – £2.99
  5. Beautyuk contouring palette – £4.99
  6. MUA LUXE whipped velvet blush chichi – £328.3.15 room decor

Here is the room decor pieces i got from B&M.

  1. heart bowl – £1.99
  2. Glass jars (times 2) – £.1.99

Hope you enjoyed seeing what i have picked up in the past week.

Love Becca

Anxiety/ Panic attacks


Hey lovelies,
Today I have decided to get a bit more personal with this topic. As you can see I am writing about panic attacks or you may know them as anxiety attack. Personally I suffer from panic attacks on a regular basis (not enjoyable). I decided to write this post to just tell you that you aren’t alone and also to give you some tips on how to deal with panic attacks and also to let people know what exactly a panic attack is. So before this intro to the post gets super long let’s jump straight into the post.

So you may be wondering what exactly a panic attack is. Well it’s a sudden feeling of dread, the room is closing in on you and everyone that looking at you is smothering you. It happens in seconds without you even anticipating it or knowing when it’s going to happen. Your body is releasing adrenaline which is helping your body prepare for the “fight or flight mode” (fight meaning to be in a fight and flight meaning to run away). This is something that happened back to us as long as the cave men years when they used to go out hunting and back then it would have helped then fight or flight from the danger, now it’s less appropriate to our daily stress. Adrenaline is released in situations like being extremely excited or being on a roller-coaster. Adrenaline is released into our bodies all the time, but people who suffer from panic attacks have a SENSITIVE ALARM.
Another thing you may be wondering is what happens when you suffer from a panic attack. Well I can tell you that adrenalin is realised causing your heart to beat faster and your mussels to tense and we breathe in more oxygen which our mussels turn sugar into energy (we don’t need extra energy). Blood is diverted into the mussels and making you lightheaded and pale. This also causes you to shake uncontrollably. Your digestive system shuts down making your throat dry and also making your feel sick. Senses become more noticeable than before. When adrenalin floods your body it can cause all different physical and emotional sensations that may affect you during a panic attack.


Symptoms may include:
• Needing the toilet
• Hot/ cold flashes
• Feeling smothered
• Feeling terrified
• Feeling claustrophobic
• Feeling extremely emotional
• Tingling in feet and hands
• Numbness of feet and hands
• Sweating/ shivering
• Fast heart beat
• Feeling unable to breath or breathing very fast
• Feeling faint or dizzy

There are more symptoms than I have listed but these are the symptoms I suffer from or in some of them I have listed the one I have and the opposite to it I was looking at a list of panic attack symptoms so I got more than I suffer from as I suffer from 9 of these symptoms.

Attacks come on very fast and usually last between 5 to 20 minutes with the symptoms peeking at around 10 minutes. Some people say panic attacks have lasted up to an hour but they are likely to be experiencing one attack after another or high anxiety after the panic attack. Sometimes I am lucky and my panic attacks could last 15 minutes but sometimes I could have one for 20 minutes then start to feel better for a few minutes and then I will start to get panicky again. It’s such a horrible experience.

What helps me when I am suffering from a panic attack?

  • being on my own
  • Listening to calming music
  • Slow deep breathing
  • Looking at a still spot and focusing on it till the attack passes
  • Curling up into a ball if I can’t do this then wrapping my cardie around me (the pressure of curling up or having something around you is like having a hug and it makes you feel safe)
  • Reminding myself that it’s a panic attack and it will pass
  • Being on my own (not always possible) but if people are with me for them to stay as quite as possible and for them to not ask me a thousand questions as I don’t have energy to talk as my body is using the energy I have elsewhere.


Jeans – new look
Shoes – new look
Cardie – forever 21
Crop top – top shop
Bag – accessorise (few years old)

Hope you all enjoyed this post and let me know if you would like to see more posts like this in the future. I love writing posts like this that are able to help people as I know reading posts like this makes me feel better as I know I am not alone.
Photos taken by my mum.
Love Becca xx


Down Days

Hey lovely’s,
Today i have decided to write a post about when things get tough.
Life unfortunately isn’t the equation of a straight line like we all imagine it as at age five. It is very much not the equation of a straight line it’s actually the complete opposite, more like a roller coaster. The ups and downs are what shapes you as a person, they make you stronger for the future.


You may think from reading my blog that i am always happy and i always wear makeup. But actually things couldn’t be the exact opposite. At the moment i am in one of those down periods of my life. At the moment i feel like one bad thing comes after another. This is tough whatever age you are but i am 14 and it’s been incredibly hard to deal with especially on top of school work. There are mornings i don’t even see the point in getting out of bed but i have to force myself. There are days that i can’t see that anything is going to get better and days when my anxiety is at an all-time high (post about how to deal with panic attacks). There are days i don’t wear makeup because it’s been such a challenge to even get myself out of bed.


On those days that it’s been a real struggle to get myself out of bed i except that i am not feeling my best and that i may need help at some point that day to manage how i am feeling. I also have to except it is ok to ask for help. Sometimes in life you have to be selfish (this is not in my nature at all). Your mental and physical health comes before anyone else. If you’re not in good health how are you ment to help anyone else? On the days that you know you are struggling make sure you take time for yourself. It could be just an hour or 2 and just do something you enjoy and it will hopefully help you feel that little bit stronger and help you through the day.


We all need to accept sometimes that not every day is going to be amazing and that there will be days that we don’t even want to get out of bed but facing the day is better than dwelling on it and having to face it later on when it’s even more of a problem. It’s also important to know that there will always be someone who is happy to listen to you be that a parent, sibling, relative, friend, teacher or someone you work with. Sometimes you don’t relies but people can tell if you’re not ok and in your darkest moments someone could reach out to you and say are you ok or i have noticed you haven’t been yourself recently. These people could talk to you out of the blue moon when you least expected it. Remember it’s also ok to reach out for help. If you reach out for help it shows you are strong and you want help and the person you talk to will admire you for doing so.

Shoes – vans
Skirt – new look
Tights – new look
Cardie – forever 21
Top – not sure as i got it for a Christmas present


Thanks to my mum for taking these lovely photos and to my grandpa for letting me use his garden.
Hope you all enjoyed this post and let me know if you would like to see more posts like this in the future. I very much enjoyed writing this post and also taking the photos was very fun as well.
Love Becca xx

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Battle of the blending brushes

hey guys, hope you all enjoy this post.

So I have been looking for a great blending brush for a few months now. I have 4 in my brush collection. The 4 brushes  are the Bubbi blending (bubz beauty’s brush range) brush, bdellium tools 785, mac 219 and the Real techniques

 blending brushes
Here are four of the brushes together. I love all of their handles so much. The Bubbi brush is on the right and it is my favorite out of all the handles. It has a matte black handle with a pink barrel at the front. I personally think it is the sleekest of the packaging. The Bdellium Tools brush is in the middle and that is my second favorite brush handle as I love the colour green and I also think the silver barrel looks great with it. After the Bdellium tools brush is the real techniques deluxe crease brush. I love the colour of the brush handle but i do find the brush a handle a bit awkward to hold as it is a bit fatter than the brushes i usually use/ like.Then there is the Mac brush I love the black glittery handle its nicer than just matte black but I personally don’t  like the gold barrel I know not all of the 219’s have the gold barrel but this was is last years Christmas set.mac 219

The mac 219 is personally my least favourite blending brush as I find it very scratchy and it sheds badly which is the down side to the brush. Its nice and dense though but personally I don’t like a very dense brush. It blends eye shadow out amazingly but I just hate using it because it’s very scratchy and I get brush hairs on my face. I also don’t like the colour of the brush as it will never go back to white since it has been stained by eye shadows I have used in the past. It also sheds badly when I wash it. It picks up a lot of product although personally I like a brush that doesn’t pick to up too much product as I like to start lightly and build up to my desired pigmentation instead of blending for ages and ages.

bdellium tools 785

The Bdellium Tools 785 is much better in my opinion than the Mac 219. The hairs don’t shed and they aren’t scratchy. it doesn’t pick up much product which might annoy some people but I find it is better than picking up to much product. It blends eye shadow out amazingly and is just a great brush. It also washes amazingly. It is an all round super brush.

bubbi blending brush

The bubbi blending brush is my personal favorite out of the 4. It picks up the perfect amount of eye shadow and blends wonderfully. This brush washes perfectly, the black hairs do not show any staining. The hairs are also extremely soft and don’t shed. This so far is my favorite blending brush and it is also supporting a fellow beauty blogger which is even better! Bubz is actually my favorite beauty blogger/vlogger,  she inspired me to make my blog and youtube channel.

real techniques deluxe crease brush

Last but not least is the Real Techniques deluxe crease brush. I don’t usually like dense blending brushes as i find them very hard to blend product out with them but surprisingly i actually don’t mind this one. I find it picks up the right amount of product for my liking and it blends the product out beautifully.This is my third favorite out of the 4 of these brushes because the bristles are a little short for my liking and the brush handle as i mentioned earlier is a little awkward to hold.
What is your favorite blending brush? I would also like to know your views on these brushes if you have tried them out.
Love Becca xox
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Words Are Hurtful…

Words are probably the most hurtful thing that anyone can say/ do to you. It’s easier to move on from someone pushing, hitting or even punching you. But its miles harder to move on from someone saying nasty things to you. They linger around for weeks, months or even years. People need to be careful of what they say as you have no idea what someone may already be going through and you could just make everything miles worse for the person.
If you don’t like something about someone keep it to yourself, they could already be insecure their body or how they aren’t smart. Lets make it clear EVERYONE and I mean everyone is smart and pretty in their own way. No one is perfect but it doesn’t matter if you aren’t the prettiest person alive as you are still pretty. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the cleverest person as well as you will have better traits than someone who is incredibly This photo was taken 4 months after i stopped getting bullied and you know what that smile on my face was basically plastered on my face as i was so insecure about everything from my hair to my acne to my body. No one should be put through hell and then be left with a mental scar of everything anyone has said to them about how ugly and fat they are ect. it really impacts on there self esteem. So the next time you think about saying something nasty or hurtful DON’T say it keep it to yourself. Imagine that was you who was about to get told. You wouldn’t like it so don’t put someone else through the pain you wouldn’t want to go through.

With love Becca xx

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Makeup i was wearing on the 13.3.15

Hey guys, how are you all.

I know i love these posts as i love seeing what makeup people are wearing so i can get inspiration to what i should try out. I hope you all enjoy reading this post as much as i love reading these posts.

Step to step guide on when I did each step.

  1. Rimmel: Fix & Perfect Pro Primer in 002
  2. max factor: cc (colour corrector) corrects redness
  3. bd Trade Secrets: vital skin longwear foundation in natural skin – 2
  4. Rimmel: wake me up concealer in 010 ivory (for under the eyes)
  5. Maybelline: Fit me concealer in 20 (covering spots)
  6. Maybelline: Fit me powder in 115 ivory
  7. Sleek: contour and blush pallet in fair (contour bronzer then blusher the highlighter)
  8. Urban Decay: naked basics pallet eyeshadow venus (all over the lid)
  9. Sleek: RIO RIO 424 (limited addition) eyeshadow Urca (in the inner corner and brow bone)
  10. Urban Decay: naked basics pallet eyeshadow in NAKED2 (transition colour in the crease)
  11. Sleek: RIO RIO 424 (limited addition) eyeshadow in Ipanema (in the crease and build it up in the outer corner)
  12. Makeup Revolution: Line & Flick (crayon to tight line and felt tip to do Egyptian winged eyeliner)
  13. Maybelline: the colossal go extreme volume waterproof mascara
  14. Makeup Revolution: Focus & Fix eyebrow shaping kit in light medium
  15. 2true: clear mascara (to set eyebrows in place)
  16. Rimmel: Lasting Finish lip liner in 1000 kisses
  17. Seventeen: supreme shine lipstick in Red Devil .

Have you tried any of these products? if you have would love to hear your views to them in the comments.

With love and hugs Becca xox

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