healthy snack/ breakfast – yogurt, fruit, puffed oats

Hey guys, this is a different post from usual but i have decided from now on i am going to incorporate healthy recipes to my blog. I have been loving lately experimenting with different healthy food options and i have found some great recipes which i cant wait to share with you all in the future. But before this intro gets longer lets get into the post! Lately i have been loving this recipe for a snack or a breakfast.

Its super healthy yet it still tastes great (who doesn’t like a tasty healthy breakfast or snack).  Its also something that is light but gives you the energy you need to kick off your day 🙂

What you will need:

  • 4 or 5 table spoons yogurt  (in my case i used almond yogurt as that’s what i like)
  • fruit of your choice (i used raspberries and blueberries)
  • puffed oats or granola




DSC00349   This breakfast / snack is extremely tasty and its something i consume on a daily basis. I used to make this recipe with plain low fat yogurt and granola and fruit but i have been loving it a lot more with almond yogurt and puffed oats as it is a lot sweeter than having plain low fat yogurt and granola. I love anything sweet that is healthy.

I hope you liked this recipe and you try it out and also if you try it out send me photos on instagram or twitter with the hashtag #healthyeatingwithbecca and add my @ name in so i can reply and find them all better. also if you have any recipes you would like me to try and include on my blog leave a comment below and i will be sure to try them all out.
love Becca xxx


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