contour and highlighting: featuring beautyuk contour palette and Rimmel lasting finish concealer

how i contour 4.4.2015

how i contour 4.4.2015

Hey guys, how are you all?

Today i have decided to share the way i contour with cream products. I only in the last week have started using cream products to contour with and i am totally in love with the way it looks. Please excuse the acne break outs as you can see them in some of the photos and also excuse the messy hair.

What i am using in this post:

  • beautyuk ultimate contour palette
  • rimmel lasting finish concealer in 010 porcelain (i used this as the highlight colour in the beutyuk palette is the same shade as my skin).


apply your foundation and concealer.The foundation i used is now to dark for me as i am now at my palest i will be in the year.


I use a concealer that is 1 or 2 shades lighter than my skin tone to highlight. When highlighting you highlight the high points of your face (bridge of your nose, underneath the eyes in a v shape, highlight the tops of your cheekbones and the middle of your forehead).  Remember to blend out the highlight well as you don’t want to look like a complete ghost like i do in this photo but that’s because i wanted to show you where to highlight.

how i contour 4.4.2015


Contour your under cheekbones, hairline, under the jaw line and both sides of the nose. Contouring should bring out your best features and give your face more structure.

how i contour 4.42015

how i contour 4.4.2015

That’s all there is to contouring its actually simpler than you would imagine, but it does take practice to get it perfect like everything in life. I still sometimes i still make mistakes after contouring for almost a year.

This is the finished look i came up with.

how i contour 4.4.2015

I hope i could break down contouring and highlighting for you and could help you on your journey to becoming a pro at highlighting and contouring.

Have you got products you love to highlight and contour with if you do please feel free to comment the products down bellow and i will be sure to try them out in the future.

Love Becca


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