MAC haul 13.4.15


Hey guys, how are you all?

This is my first ever high end haul on here and it wont be the last for sure. I decided with the money i got for eater (instead of getting Easter eggs i would buy some MAC products and it means they last longer than Easter eggs and i get more enjoyment out of the eye shadows than Easter eggs).


It was my second ever trip to MAC so i was still very excited (i think i will be excited every time i go in though).I had a good look around and swatched a tone of products on my hands. I then decided i wanted to buy some eye shadows and so i looked at them all and then i asked if i could try a couple on my lids so the makeup artist kindly applied both the colours to my eyes and then i settled on the one i really liked. Then the makeup artist said about making a pallet and i was all for it as that means i have an excuse to go to mac in a few months 🙂 I decided to get the quad as the duo was only £1 cheeper than the quad so of course i was going to go for the better value of money.


I settled on getting all that glitters and lucky green. I decided that i wanted to have a bright colour for all over the lid or in the crease and then also a colour that could just be a quick all over colour for everyday use.


I also got 2 samples of the studio fix foundation to try out i got nw 15 and nw 20.



I am so happy with my purchases and i am defiantly looking forward to future mac shopping trips.

What are some eye shadows that you would recommend and you think would look great in this palette i would love to hear your favorite shadows by MAC.

Love Becca xx


6 thoughts on “MAC haul 13.4.15

  1. Kirsty says:

    Hey it’s Kirsty (Donaldson) 🙂 and I just wanted to say that ur blog is really nice and interesting, and I have got lots of good tips ❤️


    • lovefashionandmakeup14 says:

      Aww thank you. I just love blogging and it is just something that keeps me busy with my free time (I have a lot). But it also helps me get my makeup loved even more than it does (my collection just keeps growing) by the week. But makeup is just what I love so for me its justifiable but no one needs nearly as much as me plus Rachael and my mum do use my makeup aswell.
      Becca xx


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